Bergführer Wipptal Tirol

Climbing on frozen waterfalls is one of the most exciting forms of alpinism. First we slowly get used to the equipment: crampons on the feet, ice tools in the hands. The hitting and climbing is a bit unfamiliar at the beginning, but after a short time it becomes a familiar form of movement.

Depending on the previous experience of the participants, a suitable destination is selected. From artificial ice towers to frozen riverbeds to short beginner icefalls, there is a wide selection available in the Wipptal valley.

One thing is for sure: it will be an exciting and eventful day.

Duration: 1-day tour
Number of participants: max. 2 persons
Physical and technical requirements: individual, tours in difficulty levels 1-4, surefootedness, climbing and mountaineering experience is anadvantage, but not absolutely necessary
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