Bergführer Wipptal Tirol

You still have no good idea for Christmas or are looking for a very special birthday present? Or is it even a wedding anniversary that you want to spend together with your partner?
Together with the mountain guide you will plan your gift before it is printed on paper as a voucher. It is very important that it is a personal gift with an individual character. No, you will not find any 08/15 vouchers here...🙂
For example, it could be a book matching the voucher, an item of equipment or a specially produced 3D terrain model of the planned mountain adventure. See photos below. So it is not "just" a voucher but a nice little package that is being given as a present.

Duration: individual
Number of participants: individual
Physical and technical requirements: individual
Price: The costs for the supporting gift (e.g. book, 3D terrain model, equipment) will not be charged.
For information about the guide costs click here