Bergführer Wipptal Tirol

The alpine ski tour on the Olperer is the favourite tour of the mountain guides and an unforgettable experience. For clients with strong physical condition, this tour is possible in 1 day. In the 2-days option, with an overnight stay in the winterroom of the Geraerhütte, it is a little more relaxed.
⇒ 1-day tour: We start very early in the morning in the Wildlahnertal in Schmirn, so that we can enjoy the 2000m long tour without stress. Passing the Wetterkreuz we reach the glacier and climb up to the Wildlahner Scharte. From there we will take crampons to the famous Eisbuggl and later over the north ridge to the Olperer summit.
⇒ 2-days tour: We start in the Schmirntal and make a great ski tour on the first day. Via the Steinerne Lamm (2528 m) we reach the Geraer Hut. There, we will first heat up in the winter room and then cook together. After a quiet night, the next day we will go over beautiful ski touring terrain and later over the north ridge (with crampons) to the Olperer (3476 m). After the descent along the north ridge, a run of over 2000m brings you back to Schmirn.

Duration: 1- or 2-days tour
Number of participants: max. 2 persons
Physical and technical requirements: 1-day tour with 2000 Hm or 2-day tour with 1300 Hm and 1200 Hm
Schwierigkeitsgrad: safe downhill skiing in all types of snow, excellent physical condition and surefootedness are necessary
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